Cryogenic Storage Tanks


 HEDCO is now the leading company in Iran that has accomplished the engineering and construction of cryogenic storage tanks with the temperature range of up to -50 deg. C in different Site conditions, Capacities, Services & types.

 HEDCO is able to design different types of Cryogenic tanks including:


  • Single Containment
  • Double Containment
  • Full Containment
  • Membrane Tank




HEDCO performs complete design of the Cryogenic Tanks including:  


  • Mechanical design
  • Thermal design
  • Boil off rate
  • Insulation
  • Foundation
  • Frost heave
  • Roll over
  • Cool down
  • In tank pump


The deliverables pertinent to this subject are a complete range required by as below:


  • PID & PFD
  • Design software for cryogenic storage tank (Mechanical design & thermal design)
  • Conducting safety reviews such as HAZOP, SIL and Fault tree analysis
  • Required specification ( material, insulation, …)
  • Construction, inspection commissioning and operating procedures

The mechanical and thermal design of the tanks is guaranteed by HEDCO based on the similar requirements from vendors.