Valuable resources of oil and gas have provided a unique ground for economical and social development of our country. In this direction, engineering companies play a major role. To cope with the increasing market demand, HAMPA Energy Engineering and Design Company, HEDCO, relying on vast experiences of its knowledgeable experts in the execution of oil, gas and petrochemical projects, has gained the potential to support the large scale national, and international projects. Utilizing the state of art technologies, HEDCO is able to execute the full scope EPC large scale projects including following services: - License & Know-how arrangement - Basic Engineering - Detail Engineering - Procurement Services - Construction supervision HEDCO has been certified as Level 1 Consulting company in the Branch of “Oil , Gas & Petrochemical” by MPO of Iran. 


Successful Launch of Abadan’s Refinery desaltination project


Hedco’s success in acquiring the crystalline statue of the Petrochemical Excellence Award

Hedco won the Crystal Academy’s Petrochemical Excellence Award in the 8th Petrochemical Excellence Award