Project management

Through implementing the modern standards of project management such as PMBOK, HEDCO takes another of its significant steps toward a state of art project management methodology in its large scale projects.

To this date, three of our project managers have been certified through PMP to contribute to the quality of our project management. To accomplish this task, the establishment of PMO is brought to a clear focus in order to create a pool of knowledge accompanied by our managers’ experience. HEDCO has obliged his Project Managers to get the International PMP & RMP Certificates from PMI Institute and has allocated them to monitor Compliance of the Qualification of Company’s Project Management System & Procedures with International Relevant Standards.

HEDCO is proud to present its home made HEDCO TOTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (HTMS) especially prepared to support large scale projects in different phases of engineering, planning, procurement and construction. HTMS will considerably reduce project expenses, improving efficiency in all its aspects.