Engineering Departments


Process department employs well qualified and experienced process engineers to provide services to clients needs in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Process department by its own or in collaboration with reputable world class design and engineering contractors provide Basic Engineering packages as well as complete Detailed Engineering design for various process, utility and off-site units in oil, gas, and petrochemical industries.. Process department activities are carried out in the following sections:


  • Process units design & engineering
  • Utility & Off-site units design & engineering
  • Process operations

Following documents produced by process department:


  • All process simulation based on latest edition of international software and preparation of heat and material balance
  • Preparation of Process Flow Diagrams (PFD), Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID), Utility Flow Diagrams (UFD) & Utility Distribution Diagrams (UDD) 
  • All process calculation including hydraulic calculation, static and rotary equipment sizing, thermal design of heat exchangers, flare sizing, Utility calculations
  • Preparation of Equipment and Instrument Data Sheets
  • Preparation of Equipment List, Line List
  • Process department establishes the Operation section instructions by incorporating operational and maintenance viewpoints at an early stage during engineering phase 


Piping Department :



After preparation of he unit equipment layout in basic engineering stage, the main task of piping department in detail enginering is to prepare the 3D model of the plant indicating all equipment and piping materials using PDMS software. Then the estimation of all piping materials required and the purchase of them are in Piping department scope. Meanwhile considering the high temperature and pressure in process areas, the exact analysis are required for stress of ppings and providing reasonable solution to decrease the tension on the pipes and supports. The activities and relevant documentation are as follows:

• Design and Preparation of Layout for Equipments, Buildings, Roads, … 

• Preparation of Piping Standards and Specifications

• Design and Preparation of 3D Model with Engineering Software ( PDMS, PDS )

• Design and Preparation of Piping Layout Drawings

• Design and Preparation of Isometric Drawings

• Design and Preparation of Underground Piping Layout Drawings

• Design and Preparation of Underground cable trench Drawings

Stress Analysis with Engineering Software (CAESARII , TRIFLEX)

• Design of Piping Supports and Related Requisitioning

• Evaluation of piping material

• Requisitioning and Purchasing for Piping Materials

Incorporation with other departments for purchase of mechanical equipment such as vendor document review and comment, etc.



Mechanical Department :



This department is responsible for performing detailed engineering activities for static equipment including , Pressure Vessels (Reactors, Distillation Towers, …), Storage Tanks, Different types of Heat Exchangers, Heaters, Boilers flares and etc; The following activities are being performed for the aforementioned equipments:

• Mechanical calculations by various engineering software

• Preparation of mechanical data sheets indicating data for thickness, weight, wind & seismic loads, nozzle properties, support details, etc.

• Preparation of engineering specifications and standard drawings based on international standards and previous experiences.

• Preparation of material & purchase requisitions, review of vendors’ offers and issue of technical bid analysis for each requisition.

• Reviewing vendor documents including mechanical calculations and fabrication drawings and send the comments and/or purchaser’s approval.

• Offering engineering services during shop fabrication and during site installation and start up.


Machinary Department :



This department is responsible for performing requisitioning activities for all types of rotating equipment and mechanical systems such as pumps, compressors, turbines, blowers, and bulk handling systems, mixers, agitators and other similar equipment. The following activities are being performed for requisitioning of rotating equipment and mechanical systems:

• Review of process load data sheets

• Preparation and completion of process load data sheets and inclusion of required data to enable the vendors to design and manufacture the specified item.

• Preparation of material requisition complete with the necessary data from other departments and indicating the codes/ standards and spare parts requirements, test, and all other delivery conditions.

• Performing technical queries (T.Q.) with vendors to complete and equalize the bids.

• Performing technical bid analysis and provide the report.

• Issue of purchase requisition for the selected vendor.

• Reviewing vendor documents and fabrication drawings and submit the comments and/or purchaser’s approval.

• Offering engineering services during shop fabrication and during site installation and start up.


Electrical Department :



Electrical department has the responsibility for providing and distribution the electrical system for different parts of the plant, control and protection systems, lighting for different areas, and communication systems. The activities and relevant documentation issued will be as follows:

• Preparation of Load summary and consumer lists

• Electrical Load analysis such as load flow, transient stability and short circuit calculations

• Hazardous Area classification

• Electrical single line diagram

• Cable layouts, Grounding layouts and Lighting layouts

• Cable list, including all cable details and required lengths for each item

• Communication system layout (telephone and paging)

• Substations layouts (power, grounding, lighting, equipment layout, etc.)

• Installation drawings (Power, grounding, lighting, communication)

• Preparation of material & purchase requisitions for electrical items, review of vendors’ offers and issue of technical bid analysis for each requisition, reviewing vendor documents after order.

• Review of other department vendor’s documents from electrical point of view



Instrument Department :



All the required activities for control and measurement of data within the plant are in Instrument department scope. The activities and relevant documentation issued will be as follows:

• Provision of Instrument Data Sheets

• Preparation of control system block diagram

• Preparation of Instrument Index

• Preparation of Package control system block diagram

• Provision of Instruments Technical Specifications

• Prepare the Calculations for different types of instruments

• Provision of Loop Diagrams

• Provision of Interlock/Logic Diagrams

• Provision of I/O lists for Control system and Emergency Shut Down system (ESD)

• Provision of Material Requisitions for Instrument items and then Technical Queries with Vendors, Prepare the TBA (Technical Bid Analysis) , Provision of Purchase Requisition and after all, Vendors Documents review and checking

• Prepare the control room different instrument layouts

• Instrument cable lists

• Provision of Instrument Field / Cable Layouts

• Provision of Material Take Off for Cables, Cable Tray/ Ladder, Junction boxes, Cable Glands, Instrument Pipes / Tubes & Fittings.

• Provision of Instrument Cable List

• Provision of Instrument JB Arrangement Diagram

• Provision of Instrument Process Piping Hook ups

• Provision of Instrument Air Piping Details

• Provision of Instrument Electrical Connection Details

• Provision of Instrument Mounting Details



Structure Department :



Structure department has the responsibility of all engineering activities related to structure such as foundations, steel structures, buildings, etc. The department services and the relevant documents issued by the structure department are as follows:

• Preparation of the soil investigation report requisition and control of the report which prepared by the subcontractor. 

• Establishment of the standard specifications, based on the project contract and the relevant codes 

• Preparation of the civil construction bid documents. 

• Steel structure and anchor bolt requisition. 

• Pile construction details. 

• Foundations and concrete structure detailed construction drawings. 

• Material take off and bar bending list. 

• Architectural drawings of the buildings. 

• Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) design for the buildings. 

• Design of plumbing for the buildings. 

• Engineering drawings of steel structures. 

• Fabrication drawings for the steel structures. 

• Design of structures for the blast loading. 

• Design of foundations for the vibrating machinery.



HSE Department :

  HSE Department will be responsible for recognition, definition and managing following jobs in the Project as applicable:

Inform updated national and international HSE regulations and standards

HSE Plan

Fire & Gas detection, alarm & fire fighting philosophy and preparation of layout for F&G in process area and buildings

Firefighting specification

Calculating the required amount of firewater

Sizing firewater main around the plant

Layout of fire water underground main

Locating the required number of fixed safety equipment (hydrants, monitors, eye-wash, First Aid boxes, special PPE such as Breathing Apparatus (BA), sprinkler and deluge systems& fire extinguishers

HAZOP/HAZAN/HAZID/QRA/SIL studies where required

Preparation of Hazardous Area Classification Layout

Preparation of Fire Proofing Layout

Preparation of Emergency response plans

Preparation of material safety datasheets (MSDS) for all hazardous materials produced or used within the plant

Carrying out procurement job, to supply the safety equipment

Design of Total Flooding Gas System for buildings

Review and comment on all HSE document prepared by other departments from HSE point of view