Engineering Services

 Basic Engineering :


HEDCO is capable to perform Basic engineering and process design of the utility and offsite facilities. HEDCO also performs the extension of basic engineering and develops Process Design Package (PDP), using the know-how supplied by client/licensor and the use of proven design techniques, comprising the following:


  •  Process configuration and Specifications 
  •  Process and utilities Flow Diagrams with energy and mass balance and operating conditions 
  •  Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams 
  •  Process data sheets for mechanical equipment 
  •  Equipment and Piping Schedules 
  •  Instrument Data Sheets 
  •  Catalyst, Chemicals Specifications 
  •  Effluent Specifications 
  •  Preliminary Plot Plans 
  •  Operating Instructions 




Detail Engineering :

During detail engineering, the design of the project in most applicable details in respective departments will be performed, such that the plant can be safely installed at site without any technical difficulty and with cost- effective construction After basic engineering, the subsequent stage of detail design and engineering of the project is performed in the respective engineering departments under responsibility of the lead engineers assigned to the project team. The following topics shall be followed:


• Design constructability of all equipment

• Proper construction and process documentation

• Economical procurement of materials with the best quality

• Planning and Time scheduling to perform the project in minimum time

• Work package and other materials requisitions