HEDCO Total Engineering Management Information System(HTMS)


At HEDCO we need to manage our growing information, documents and activities based on reengineered working processes and sophisticated standards and disciplines. Yet, we need a flexible way to improve the speed of flow, integrate and analyze the produced information. So we started to develop a set of in house Web based software application at different categories, based on known and proved Microsoft high tech information collaboration tool, Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise Portal 2007 and Microsoft Enterprise Project Server 2007. We call it HTMS, HEDCO Total Management System.




The HTMS includes the following modules:

• Project Planning Management Information System
• Document Control Index (DCI) tracking
• Electronic Document Management System
• Transmittal management, document flow and comment management system
• Project Cost Control System
• Procurement Management System
• Shipment Tracking System
• Vendor Document Management System
• Project Warehouse Management System
• Construction Planning Decision Support System